What Our Clients Say

Had a difficult time to find someone who can repair my laptop, I called up Laptop Service Zone the technicians are knowledgeable, confident and competent. They repaired my laptop successfully, something most other technicians were not sure about. I'd definitely recommend them!

Varun Reddy

Got my service done for my desktop from laptop service zone. They did a tremendous job and gave me the best service as it has many problems which many other service centers couldn't figure out or where asking a very high price. The technicians provided me with the best very professional service.

Srinivas Chowdary

The service was outstanding, they has done a professional job and I like his honesty... definitely a trustworthy place to get the laptops repaired. They have excellent technical team they are quick in resolving the issues. Thanks, I'm glad to find a good repairing centre. Good luck in your endeavour.


Simply superb service, they picked up my laptop at my door step. They diagnosed the laptop in front me and given estimates, took signatures on all parts of laptop to verify authenticity on delivery. They took no time and drove back and delivered after verifying my signature. They charged as they committed. 100% professional work. Thanks a lot.